Dr.LIBEAUTE Brand story

In 1433, theKing of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea regularly visited the Onyang thermal hotsprings, which is located in the center of the Korean peninsula. The Kingsuffered from eczema and rashes, and the soothing waters healed and purifiedhis skin. From that point on, the royalty of the Joseon dynasty often came tothe Onyang thermal springs to experience the healing powers of the legendarythermal springs.


In Korean, Ongoongmeans the “Healing Palace”.  The royalsof the Joseon dynasty passed on their spa therapy techniques and their fivesecret ingredients from generation to generation, ensuring that the royal’smethods for perfect skin would be passed on.


Inspired by thoseroyal Korean ancestors, Dr. Libeaute has been developing new skincare therapywith natural herbal ingredients and thermal mineral water. Combined with the oldtraditions of Korean spa therapy and ground-breaking clinical studies andbiotechnology, Dr. Libeaute continues to change the skincare industry for thebetter.


Our products allow your skin to absorb the all-naturalingredients, leaving your skin soft and with a gleaming shine. Unlike othermajor-brand cosmetics that clog your pores and leave unwanted blemishes, Dr.Libeaute continues to provide the healthiest and most effective skincare productsavailable on the market today. We at Dr. Libeaute believe that beauty startsand ends with healthy skin and that’s what we deliver.